“Until leaders are born, forget it, they can’t be made…”


Have you ever wondered why some people find it difficult to lead? Do you get amazed seeing some persons demonstrate great leadership qualities? May be you are one of those that whenever the subject of leadership is being discussed you hear yourself saying something like; “You know, I’ve always known that this leadership stuff has never been my thing. I just don’t have the talent for that.” Does your whole concept of leadership start and end with strengths and abilities or what may be called “leadership potentials”?

Are you one of such leaders in position who is low in performance and have not been able to figure out why things are going the way they are going in your leadership? You probably may have attended many leadership seminars and workshops with the hope that the lessons learned would improve the condition of your leadership. However, things continue to deteriorate. Have you agreed with the suggestions from your friends and colleagues that the solution to your problem lied with taking some professional courses on leadership, upgrading your leadership skills, developing your interpersonal and communication skills and stuffs like that? Have you done all of that and yet the issue is still standing tall before you?

Leadership in recent times has become a widely discussed topic across the globe. Every sector in the society has come to realize how greatly it influences the growth and success of any system. The truth is that:

  • Nothing happens without leadership
  • Nothing changes without leadership
  • Nothing grows without leadership
  • Nothing succeeds without leadership
  • Nothing improves without leadership
  • Nothing advances without leadership
  • Nothing multiplies without leadership
  • In fact, nothing leads like leadership

The need for leadership has always been in high demand even before this current realization, except that, we did not really understand in clear terms what made a leader a leader. This misconception in part, contributed to a whole lot of wrong theories of selection and parameters.

Contrary to the common belief, leadership to me, as long as it concerns humanity is “in-born”. Every man born of a woman was wired with leadership ability. However, the process of life either de-wires them or forces them to produce electrical signals that showcase that in-born leadership ability. R. Buckminster Fuller asserted; “Everyone is born a genius, but the process of life de-geniuses them.”

With this in mind, I wish to begin by shattering what used to be a highly held concept of leadership in our minds: “Leaders are born.” Yes, I can actually say it a million times but for want of space I rather not. I am aware that we have been told that leaders are not born but are made. Well that’s a great statement but it is only true when not compared with other possibilities.

Maybe i should just put it in literal terms; “if leaders are not born how in the world can they be made?” Life formally begins with birth but growth begins with a process. Without the former, the later does not occur. Now don’t get me wrong. I know that the guy who made that statement (God knows I don’t even know who did) was actually trying to help a lot of weak folks like me and you but the message it sends is one that makes it look like you are not a leader until you are made. It is a way of encouraging you to work to become a leader. But the truth is that you are a leader already. You just need to work at expressing your leadership potential on the inside.

It’s like this; every acorn is an oak tree in disguise. Although we do not yet see the oak tree, it does not make it otherwise. As a matter of fact, without the potential in the seed, the thought of an oak tree emerging would be a hopeless one. Also, every male child that is born is a man. Even though we do not yet see the evidences to support the assertion, it still does not make it any less. Every male child is a man on the disguise of a boy. You cannot have the man without having the boy.

Until leaders are born, forget it, they can’t be made.

The simple message is this: You are born to lead! You are a great leader wrapped in the guise of a normal person.

Can you imagine the kind of difference the above thought can bring into your life?

It immediately confers on you that one power which the former assertion tries to deny you of. I mean the mere thought of you being a leader changes your whole disposition. I can bet that the moment you agree with this assertion, that you are a leader, your imagination will open up and you will start seeing this big picture of yourself rising beyond the realms of the ordinary men.

You may not know, but this little feeling has enough potential to change the course of your life and rapture you out of mediocrity to a state of great influence.

That’s how true leadership begins. It begins with self-discovery and realization. Until this discovery is made, all we will have are individuals with so much potential for impact but who are producing little or no result…

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