I have heard it said many times and on many occasions but I was yet to experience it for myself.

Sometime ago, I read a book by Brian Tracy on the same subject. The book insisted that those who have written-down-goals somehow tend to achieve their dreams to a reasonable extent.

The idea sounded as bookish as the book itself. But then I took serious note of the concept.

Some one year later, I decided to become deliberate about what I really wanted to achieve. I just wrote down about 10 goals I wanted to reach before the year ran out.

However, I rarely revisited the goals. I mean, I seldom reminded myself or even reviewed what I had written down as my goals until the year ending.

By year ending, I took a close look at those goals I had written down and to my greatest amazement, I had achieved virtually all of them.

“This can’t be true,” I said to myself. I could not get myself to easily believe that this concept works the way it promised to work.

So I decided to repeat the process. And more to my chagrin, the result wasn’t any less. 

At that point, I couldn’t get myself to argue the concept more confidently. I merely began to understudy and integrate it into my life. 

Being a good fan of the Holy Bible, I recalled one of my most favorite portions which says; “Write the vision down and make it plain…” The Scripture began to make deeper sense to me personally about the magic power of writing down your goals or vision.

Here is what I actually uncovered:

Writing a goal down has a way of provoking what is often known as the “law of serendipity”, i.e. the combination of both good and bad events in such a manner that the final outcome reflects an expectation.

Somehow, by writing down a goal, you trigger the unseen forces of nature to act in your favor. 

I can’t explain how this really works but it does work. 

Sometimes with the least effort, and even unconsciously, you see yourself attracting the opportunities  as well as the people you need in order to reach your expectations.

To this end I have adopted the slogan, “It is not yet a goal until you put it down in writing.”

Honestly, this concept is better experienced than explained. I believe I have some folks who can bear witness to this magical power of the concept of goal writing.

If you are one of such, please feel free to share your thoughts…

Yesterday a member of my Facebook community, Chiamaka Okolo paid me a visit all the way from the capital city of Anambra state. We spent the next 2 hours to brainstorm ideas and thoughts on how she can find, engage and build a formidable career around her passions and gifts.

At the end of our discourse she picked 3 copies of my debut, FINDING YOUR CAREER PATH, one for herself, the other two for her siblings.

From our interactions, she is a beautiful soul with the desire to learn and grow. And I am convinced that very soon she will emerge into limelight.


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