I am a firm believer in the power of decisions. As a matter of fact, nothing happens until decisions are made. You can’t move from point A to point B without deciding to do so. 

The law of decision says that nothing happens by chance, that it is decision that decides destiny regardless of whether or not you make the decision consciously or unconsciously.

However, decision does not automatically translate into results. In chapter four of my book “Finding Your Career Path”, I used a riddle to illustrate this fact.

Consider this: 3 frogs are sitting on a log across a well of water. If 1 decides to jump. How many frogs are left on the log?

Did you just say 2? 

That’s totally wrong. The correct answer is 3. The reason for this answer is the difference between deciding and doing.

Most of our expectations are not met not because of INDECISION but as a result of INACTION. Actually it is supposed that decision should move us into action. But this is not always the case.

Many at times we make up our mind what to do but we still lack the will to carry on with our decision. This is what frustrates our intention.

To harness the power of decision-making, we need to learn how to move daily from the realm of deciding to that of doing. While deciding may be the first step, acting is most definitely the most important step.

A lot of times we tend to make a lot of decisions. Decisions to start a business. Decisions to pursue a new career. Decisions to build better relationships. Decisions to write and publish a book. And on and on.

These really doesn’t make much difference if we don’t ACT.

No matter how many times you decide to move off the path of least resistance to pursue your dreams, you will never get there until you start taking proactive measures in that regard.

Decision is the key but Action is the flywheel. It is your willingness to take action continuously towards your decisions that determines the attainment of your goals.

Here are few things I believe will help you move from the realm of deciding to that of acting:

1. Stop waiting for perfect conditions.

If you are waiting to have all the resources you need before diving into action, you are going to have to wait till FOREVER before doing so. The truth of the matter is that the resources you need come pouring in the moment you start taking action.

Somehow, once you begin to take action in the right direction, unseen forces and people and all kinds of circumstances tend to conspire together to bring you to your expectations.  

2. Start doing it at once.

The best way to get into something is to start doing it once the idea comes to mind. A lot of times when ideas pump into our mental space, we tend to delay action thereby denying ourselves the willingness to harness that idea.

If you feel that an idea is great. Make no delay. Step out at once and start doing the needful.

3. Stop over-thinking things.

Usually when an idea comes to us, we tend to want to analyse everything about it. Perhaps we think that by such analysis we can succeed in eliminating all the risks. 

Unfortunately this is not the case. When we over-think an idea we are prone to suffer an acute condition  called “paralysis of analysis”. This condition keeps you in a position where your tendency to act on the idea becomes indefinite.

4. Stop brooding over the past.

One Chinese proverb says, “The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. But the second best time is now”.

Yes, if you had planted the tree 20 years ago, by now you would have been sitting under a shade. But if you fail to plant it now, 20 years into the future, you will still be standing in the sun.

Rather than keep regretting your inactions of yesteryears, focus on the actions of today which is what holds the key to eliminating the consequences of your past inactions.

5. Keep acting.

One way to stay on course is by ensuring that once you get started you don’t stop. If you start and stop, it will require double the initial effort you needed to start before to start again. This is consistent with the law of inertia.

So once you start acting, don’t stop. Do something everyday to maintain your initial momentum because once you lose it, you will find it hard to recover.

Actions are the seeds for getting results. Start today!


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