The key factor that distinguishes all powerful leaders (both past an

d present) is their ability to define with absolute clarity what they are about.
Research has proven that 85% of success in life comes with nothing more than clarity. The more clear you are about your personality, purpose and / or calling, the more likely you are to make meaningful progress both personally and professionally.

In my own experience as a person, answering the clarity question continues to be a daily constant activity. In fact, I believe it is the object to which all human efforts should be directed. 

Clarity is simply classical. 

Answering the clarity question practically puts you in control of the wheel of events that could occur in your life. In this sense, you know exactly what to concentrate on and what to avoid. 

You know the things that are worth staying on your to-do list and  the ones that must be eliminated. 

You know which company to keep and the ones to severe.

You know which job to take and the one to relinquish. 

You know which career / business to pursue and ones to forgo.

You know who to marry and who not to marry.

What this entails is that the closer you get at answering the clarity question, the closer you get at defining your life’s most important objectives. 

In a simple language, clarity simplifies your life and amplifies your success.

With clarity, you can narrow your life into few simple themes which is what makes the whole difference. The reason most people experience burn-outs and limited results is because they are trapped in the tantrum of either trying to be all things to all people, and / or trying to do all things for all people.

Clarity helps you to escape this trap. Clarity clears the air once and for all and gets you to focus on what matters most. 

People are not succeeding not because they are not working hard enough. They are not succeeding because they are not clear enough about what they are or should be working hard for.

This morning, I wish to encourage our hearts towards this line. 

Be clear about who you are. 

Be clear about your goals. 

Be clear about your expectations.

Be clear about your values and personal motivations. 

Be clear about what you want and should do with your life.

This is not going to be a day’s job. But giving it your conscious attention on a constant daily basis will surely catalyze the whole process.

I believe in you always!


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