Carving out a suitable career path for yourself is one out of the most important steps you need to take towards harnessing your innate abilities and core competencies.

Making meaningful progress in that path is the next most important steps you must take. And for this to happen, there are 3 key questions you should ask continually.

By organizing your work around the answers to these questions, you will leverage fully on your talents and produce more in less time and with the least effort.

Question 1: What are my highest- value activities?

Within the circumference of your career / business, there are specific activities that contribute the most value to you. What are they? It is your job to locate these activities.

Sit down and reflect on all that you do daily with respect to your chosen career. You may wish to list them out. Then identify from your list, the activities you engage in which produce the greatest effect in your field.

For example, in my case as a career strategist, I have found that my high-value activities include more than anything else, thinking, researching, and writing.

And so, I build a greater part of my muscles around these core activities.

Question 2: What are my key result areas?

This is different from the first one. While the first one is geared towards the most important activities that give you the most results, this next question seeks to identify what those most important results are.

To answer this question you need to consider this: In your career, what specific results must you get in order to do your job in a more excellent fashion?

Your key result area represents above all else something in your career which you are completely responsible for. If you don’t do it, no-one else would, and it will limit your progress tremendously.

Question 3: What is the most valuable use of my time right now?

Every passing moment of the day, there is always one specific thing that makes the most difference in your career which you must be attending to.

This one thing, at that very moment, is the thing that’s worth spending your time doing.

The fundamental reason most people are not making meaningful progress daily in their careers is because they are using their time for the wrong activities.

One of the worst uses of time is doing with all your might what you shouldn’t even be doing at all in the first place.

Your ability to detect and concentrate single-mindedly on your most valuable task at any given moment in your career journey is what constitutes a true measure of self-discipline and personal mastery.

To keep advancing in your chosen career, you must keep asking, answering, and more importantly, acting on these 3 key questions every day.

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