​Ever wondered why everyone does not practice the essential virtues for personal significance and productivity, even when they are completely aware of how these virtues are closely correlated with success in every aspect of their lives?

Why is it that everyone does not live a life of high value and impact?

The answer to the above questions is contained in what I want to share with you today.

It is the EXPEDIENCY (E) factor in human personality. This one factor even though not well known is the primary reason for failure in life. 

Success happens when you understand how the E-factor plays out in life. Actually, it is by doing the opposite of what th E-factor suggests that you get to become the person you most desire to be.

The E-factor is based on the basic characteristics of human nature. There are about 7 elements that constitute what is referred to today as human nature. When any of these elements is improperly directed, failure is inevitable. When properly directed, the opposite happens.

The tragedy is that most people are practicing the negative side of all 7 elements much of the time. They therefore accomplish little in life, and they rarely know why.

The 7 elements are metaphorical:

1. Everyone is Lazy.

2. Everyone is Greedy.

3. Everyone is Selfish.

4. Everyone is Afraid.

5. Everyone is Ignorant.

6. Everyone is Proud.

7. Everyone is Impatient.

It is important to note that all of the above elements are value free – they are neither good nor bad. They are just neutral and natural human tendencies.

Laziness, selfishness, greediness and so on, are not the problem. The problem is how they are directed.

It is when these elements (which seem to be “negative” qualities) are directed in ways that end up being counterproductive – hurtful to you or other people – that they truly become negative qualities.

Let’s just consider the first of the 7 elements, how it plays out, and how it can be appropriated in order to get your desires and expectations met:

Everyone is Lazy.

The most common quality of human nature is the preference for play over work, easy over difficult, and pleasure over business. 

We are designed in such a way that we cannot consciously choose a harder way to carry out a task if there’s an easier way to do it.

As an instance, you would naturally push your cloths over to a washing machine for laundry rather than do the washing manually.  In this sense, you are trying to conserve energy. 

As much as we may try to rationalize it, this is laziness playing out. For better or worse, everyone is lazy.

However, rather than use your laziness as an avenue for codependence and idleness, you should use it to creatively find better, cheaper, easier, more modest and more efficient means to accomplish the same task.

It is obvious from this rendering that many of the world’s inventions today are nothing more than products of channeling this element of human nature – laziness – towards positive ends.

A closer look at the other 6 elements will surely convince you that the reason for failure is not because of these elements but because of how different individuals direct it at any given time in their lives and situations.

So the big question is not whether you are lazy or selfish or greedy or afraid and so on. 

The big question is this: How are you directing these elements? 

How you are directing them is the thin line between your desires and their fulfillment.


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