​Hello there, it’s me again. Quickly let me share something very instructive with you in the next couple of minutes.

Yesterday my good friend Emeka Nobis whom I admire so much in the writing industry launched a phenomenal book which he entitled ANOTHER DIMENSION.

I stumbled on this legend sometime late last year on social media. As I browsed through his profile, I saw loads of virtues that tickled my fancy. So I followed.

That followership, in no time at all, turned out to become one of the best decisions I’ve made in recent times. 

Everything ranging from the contents he shared and the context in which he’d shared them just wowed me. The more i followed, the more the desire to connect with him at deeper levels kept heightening with each passing day.

Early this year as I made plans to launch my first book,  FINDING YOUR CAREER PATH, and as I thought about who would make a good book reveiwer for the book, his name popped up in my head. 

Though I had my doubts, I decided to make the move. Viola! It clicked. It all worked like magic. That was how I met the legend on the 21st of March 2016, my book launch date.

Ever since, my admiration for him continues to skyrocket. As I browsed through the free ebook he just launched yesterday, I saw greatness redefined. 

Emeka Nobis is simply a great soul. A man who has resigned himself to serve the world in amazing ways. I love his drive, his strategies and the excellent fashion he adopts in communicating his intentions.

As he would always proselytize, the path to follow to unlock the legend in you rests heavily on three prongs:

_Clarify your message

_Communicate it viciously

_Grow your tribe

In the free ebook I launched on my birthday, I leveraged on some of the principles I’d learned from his mantra to share my own thoughts on how to build personal influence:

_Build your esteem

_Define your message

_Find your audience

_Package your message

_Build a community

_Build networks

_Keep serving

In case you’ve not gotten your own copy of my ebook, THE PIPELINE STRATEGY here https://www.dropbox.com/s/hlku425io4xpj5x/THE%20PIPELINE%20STRATEGY.pdf?dl=0

Get your own copy of Emeka Nobis’s ANOTHER DIMENSION  here http://www.emekanobis.com/ad

It’s more than a book.

Be the legend.



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