There is a concept in life that seems unfair but which most definitely plays out all the time in today’s competitive market.

This concept is called the WINNING EDGE concept. This concept infers that small differences in knowledge and skills can lead to enormous differences in results.

Consider this classical example:

If in a sprint race, someone runs and reach the finish line by a head, he wins TEN TIMES as much as the person who comes second. Does this mean that the person who came first is ten times faster than the one who came second?  Is he twice as fast? Twenty percent as fast?

Most definitely not. The person is only a head faster. But a head translates into TEN TIMES the prize received. Do you get the gist?

In today’s highly competitive market, small differences can translate into big results and can give you the winning edge over your competition.

What this really means is that in your job, career / business, relationships and anything else you do, one piece of information or skill that you have or lack can mean the difference between success and failure.

In this regard, your ability to learn and apply new ideas very fast becomes your only real source of sustainable competitive advantage.

You can start winning by a head today by constantly learning and applying new ideas in whatever you do. That new knowledge or skill, as little as it may seem, could make all the difference in your life and business.

Point to Ponder: What one skill or knowledge can I learn today that can multiple the results I get both personally and professionally?


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