Hello there, It’s another beautiful week.

The day resumed with heavy droplets over my roof. Today is one of those days you are tempted to sink deeper into bed, fully masked underneath a warm blanket.

For those under paid employment, waking up with such a weather rolling in could be very depressing. However, for one who operates basically from home, the feeling might be chilling and even scintillating.

Whatever the case, rain or no rain, we must exercise the will to jump off the bed and face the day’s work zestfully.

This morning, as you step into the show to strive towards achieving your set goals for the week, I believe it’s my moral responsibility to say one or two things to you that will shoot up quite a few dose of adrenalin in your soul.

Have you ever taken time recently or maybe in the past to closely study a child learning to walk. Perhaps nothing holds a dear lesson to life like such scenario.

The picture of a child learning to walk expresses vividly how life happens. 

*Life is a journey. 

The journey of a thousand miles will always begin with a step. This is the child’s first realization, the fact that every step which seems not to count now will surely prove to have counted soon.

*Take the first step forward.

At first, the child struggles diligently to put the first step forward (not backward). In his struggle, he also is careful not to lose his poise and stamina.

However, things doesn’t seem to happen exactly as he wants it. He finds himself tripping and falling flat on his butts many times. At such moments, the onlookers may tease and poke fun at the child.

But the faith of the child remains unruffled in the midst of this adverse situation. He knows that the first step which is the most critical step has technically launched him into his dream.

*No feeling of embarrassement.

The last person to feel embarrassed is a child. Tease him all you wish. Laugh all you can for his inability to walk and maintain balance. You are on your own. Irrespective of what you think or feel, the child gets back up and keeps making more and more attempts.

*No fear of failure.

That’s what child-like entails. Faith for life that is unruffled by the opinions of others. Faith that’s focused on nothing else but the goal that’s set before it. Faith that fears no failure or criticism.

That’s the kind of faith you need for life. As you take steps this week and for the rest if your life towards that noble cause in your heart, go ahead and have faith like a child. Learn to keep stretching until you reach the limits of your potentials.

With child-like faith, it’s certain that you will fail many times but I am quite confident that you will get back up and keep striving until you reach the goal.

I strongly believe in you.


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