Tic Tock  Tic  Tock

The tinkling of time round the clock

Beautiful music to the ears of the wise

Whispering each second is of great price.


Tirelessly ticking,never going back

Entreating the lazy and slack:

Wake up from your soppy sleep

Lest you end in poverty deep.

Ticking away is our time

Prayerfully plan it-the chime

For we just can’t afford

To waste such a gift from God.


Time-a treasure,Time is money

It may bring you honey

Or bitter gall;

Depends on how you roll the ball.


Time-a precious,priceless gem
Doled out to all in measure same

But some waste in it leisure

While others maximize the treasure.

Therefore think as the tic tock of time resounds

With the wisdom in God’s Word found:

For everything there’s a season

And for every season there’s a reason.




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