The 5 Thinking Styles for Solving Problems Faster and Better

Perhaps another top skill apart from listening skill which makes a whole lot of difference in thought leadership is the ability to solve problems. As a thought leader in any field of endeavor, your primary duty is to solve problems.

Your ability to solve problems faster and better is actually what establishes you as an authority in your field. It is evident today that some people tend to exhibit greater capacity to solve problems than most others.

The big question is why? What technics are they using to get more done in so less a time? Does it have something to do with their intelligence? Or are they naturally endowed with such capability?

Various studies show that none of the above are really responsible for this pattern. Instead it’s been found that those leaders who exercise greater capacity to approach problems with practicality have consciously trained their minds to do so.

Your ability to solve problems is more or less correlated with how you engage your mind on a daily basis towards problems.

Although it’s quite difficult extracting the very pattern or process adopted by these thought leaders who have mastered this aspect of leadership, it’s been found that their style of thinking is quite exceptional.

Five thinking styles have been associated to such phenomenal capacity for solving problems. Learning them will sure enhance your problem-solving skills and establish you as an authority in your field faster than you ever imagined.

Critical Thinking Style – 

This involves appraoching every problem from a holistic point of view. It means going beyond the surface of problems to unveil the underlying facts. It requires taking time to understudy the problem.

You do this by breaking the problem down into its different component parts for proper analysis using information – facts and ideas – gathered from reliable sources.

By this you are able to evaluate the problem and identify the root causes and possible implications of any course of action to be taken.

Conceptual Thinking Style – 

Here you exercise the ability to find connections between the component parts of a problem or an idea and find ways of piecing them together to create a complete picture of the whole. 

This kind of thinking allows for the creation of a concept that can be used to challenge a particular problem.

Creative Thinking Style – 

This means thinking in ways that leads to generation of new and better ideas or new ways of approaching the same problem in order to create more possibilities and opportunities. 

To solve a problem better and faster, you need to constantly look at the problem from different angles.

Intuitive Thinking Style –

The practice of this style is often referred to as using the “sixth sense.” It involves the mastery of the voice within. 

Thought leaders know how to incorporate what they sense to be true on the inside – perception/insight – into the final decision-making process.

Implementational Thinking Style – 

This is the thinking style that prepares one for action. It involves exercising enough courage and will to put ideas together – organizing plans strategically in such a way that they can be carried out effectively to produce the desired result. 

In this manner you put yourself at the level where they are forced to take the kind of action that is directed towards getting things done.


Anyone without exception can develop all the five thinking styles. All it takes is a little extra time, effort and strict attention towards the use of your mind.

Start today!


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