Having Trouble with Lots of Interests?

​When I was very much younger, I had a knack for drawing and painting that made me dream of becoming a fine artist. Later as a junior student in school I developed interest for speech presentation and argumentative discourses, and began to consider the path of an attorney. 

Again, I found writing short stories a great taste on the buds of my soul and that aroused the thought of wearing the shoes of a novelist.

At the near start of my adolescent life, I became overwhelmed with playing football and table tennis to the point that I could do those for a whole day nonstop. I thought about life as an athlete, it seemed exhilarating to tread that path too. 

Growing into a young man, I took to singing to a degree that made me wonder what it would be like to be an internationally acclaimed gospel artist. This too felt like a great path to walk.

Are you like me? Do you feel like you were born to do all kinds of things? Are you constantly swinging from one interest to another that you are now on crossroads about what your life is really about? 

Perhaps your confusion has led you to conclude that something is terribly wrong with you. That’s far from it dear. The problem is not with your multiple interests and talents. The real problem is your inability to understand how to link things up.

Know this: Your interess or talents do not automatically translate into a path to be treaded by you. 

I call them “leads”. And we all have them although in varying degrees. 

The solution is to find a way to weave those interests and talents into one message which you can share with the world. You can’t be known for everything but for something. Yes you can diversify with time. But first be known for something.  

Steve Jobs of the Apple Inc. was hyper creative, with lots of talents and skills but he molded all of it into one message which we call Apple products. That became his message – the solid expression of his interests and capabilities.

To help individuals gain clarity about their message, especially those with overwhelming number of interests and talents, I developed a system which I called the LEADS SYSTEM™. I use it to help them get things straightened up once and for all.

This system is about taking a detailed inventory of the four leads in the LEADS SYSTEM™ and then matching them with a need in the world that calls forth something spectacular on your inside.

The four leads are:


This is a combination of two abilities – Natural and Acquired abilities. Think of all the skills you possess, both soft skills and technical ones. Anything at all that you can do, including skills you learned through formal or informal education. Write them down.


What are those things that excite you? What positive ventures keep you awake through the night and wake you up before dawn? What makes you want to grow wings and fly to the highest mountains? What are those great activities that make you lose track of time and appetite for food? What things do you do not necessarily for the money but for the personal joy and satisfaction they pump into your soul? Write them down.


We all are bundles of good and bad experiences. What are the painful experiences you’ve been through as a person? What are those things you’ve struggled with overtime and you won the fight?  Have you ever moved from pain to pleasure in any area of life? Think of your biggest wins in life and write them down too.


What conditions breed discomfort to you? What provokes something unusual inside of you? What situation of life makes you want to do something you’ve never done before? What’s your craze? 

Match LEADS with NEEDS.

When you have succeeded in taking an inventory of the leads, the next thing is to match them with a specific need in the world that appeals more than anything else to your soul. If you have developed a personal mission statement, this will not be a difficult exercise.

The world is full of needs. Howbeit, you are not fashioned to solve all the needs of the world. Yours is to locate the need which by virtue of your TALENTS, PASSIONS, PAIN and FRUSTRATION you have been designed to meet.

In locating needs, look at humanity. When you meet people, what problems in their lives do you always have the eagerness to solve? What human needs are you either by default or personal programming always attempting to meet?

Also take a holistic view of the society. Consider the 7 main sectors of society and locate the very one you sense or feel a deep responsibliltiy for.

By carrying out these exercises, you sure will gain enough clarity about what cause to pursue with your life.


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