What You Are Not Doing.

A  young medical researcher for years has been working to find a medicine that can cure HIV disease. Morning, afternoon and night found him caught in the middle of one experiment after another. He has not known much of any good sleep for a long time now. Sometimes he even went without food all because of this objective.

At last, he succeeded. It was hard to believe yet so true. Now his many years of research has finally paid off. What a major breakthrough? In his excitement, he carried the medicine and stumbled into the nearest hospital and announced the good news to them. “I have found the cure to HIV disease!”

But to his disappointment none of the medical personnel responded positively. They didn’t even as much as ask to see the medicine. They just kept looking at him with a sneer. 

“What’s the problem?” he queried. “Don’t you believe me? Or don’t you like me?”

The more he queried them, the more strange looks he could read in their faces. The young researcher became bemused. Realizing by now that he must be wasting his time, he walked away from the hospital feeling defeated.

Standing now by the road side and pondering over the incidence, his eye caught the billboard at the entrance of the hospital. On seeing the inscription, “madness comes in different sizes and shapes,” he let out a boisterous laughter. Now he got it. All along he didn’t realize he was speaking to psychiatrists who most definitely believed his case to be another case of insanity.

What an experience.

Many of us are like this young researcher. Full of ideas, creativity, passion, as well as the necessary skills for execution. But it seems no-one out there understands us. It seems like the more we try to showcase our inventiveness the more it is disdained by those whom we perceive should welcome it with much enthusiasm.

One key lesson we can learn from the young researcher’s story is the fact that beyond creating a solution, you need to understand the psychology of audience targeting and attraction or else you will end up looking like a fool, your powerful ideology not withstanding.

If the young researcher had kept the world abreast of his journies while he carried out his program, then by the time he registered a breakthrough, he would have a waiting audience ready to receive his invention without a sneer. He would have created a burning desire for his ideology even before it becomes a reality. 

It is erroneous to imagine that people will naturally buy your idea simply because it is a great one. I see some folks who are completely disconnected from the world, they leave the masses clueless about what they are up to. Then suddenly, one day, out of nowhere, they hop into that same world and begin to shout for attention over a product or solution they’d created.

You’ve been inactive on social media for years and you do nothing about growing your platform on a daily basis. Suddenly you show up on facebook announcing the launch of your new book and you expect everyone to line up in front of you to get a copy.

You’ve got to be kidding me. Who cares whether you have launched a space ship or not? The point is what have you done in advance to wet the appetite of the world for whatever it is you are launching?

To seize the attention of the world with your invention you must  intentionally do something consistently to create a picture of the solution in the minds of people upfront, one that leaves them yearning to have a feel of what you are about to launch.

This is the very thing you are not doing which is making you appear as a fool even with the best of solutions in your hands. You need some important lessons on the psychology of audience targeting and attraction.

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It’s a bright Wednesday, the air I breathe is filled with freshness like no other. I am hopeful it’s the same experience for you right where you are. 


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