When Mastery Becomes Luck

One of the things I don’t believe in is “luck” – the idea that things do happen by chance. I believe if there’s anything like luck, it must have been created through series of consistent action whether known or unknown. 

Things don’t just happen. Destiny is created through human actions. 

When a violinist plays a perfect piece of classical music in a concert that leaves the audience in awe, do you ascribe such an excellent performance to luck? When a craftsman builds a beautiful piece of furniture, elegant and refined in every detail, obviously a superb piece of work, do you look at it and say, “Well, it’s a matter of luck.”

An author was once commended for writing books that are easy to read. His response, “They are easy to read because they are hard to write.”

Some folks have infrequently inquired to know how I craft the masterpieces I often dish out. It is possible to imagine that because it takes few minutes to digest them, it probably took a couple more minutes to get them written.

Truth is, many of these articles take hours, and sometimes days of untrackable rounds of thinking, reflection, and meditation, to get them crafted in the very fashion that provoke such powerful response in those that consume them. 

When I compare my write-ups some 5 years ago with my write-ups  now, I see a remarkable difference. A new reader who reads my write-ups now may be tempted to say, “Wow! That’s quite some talent.” If I’d showed such a person my writings of past years, he’d probably not believe it’s the same writer.

The problem is that we tend to mistake mastery for talent and luck. And such perspective grows out of two mental illnesses. The first is the “something-for-nothing” defect and the second is the “quick-fix” defect.

The first condition exemplifies those who think that they can get more out than they have put in. Apparently, this thinking is contrary to the basic laws that govern the universe. There’s always a price for the prize. The latter condition is typical of those who are always looking for short cuts. They want a quick-fix method that can get them to solve in a week, a problem that they created in years.

The earth is not partial. There’s always an order by which things are bound to occur. Not even the redemption of man is exempted from this principle. Even though it was God’s wish to forgive humanity, though He was all-powerful that He could simply wave His hands and all the issues will be resolved once and for all, He still was bound by the law of the universe to follow due process.

As a result, God had to work out a system that would ensure that the demands of justice are fully satisfied so as to obtain a valid redemption constitution for all of humanity. 

Success in anything comes through mastery, not luck.

Nothing happens by chance. Luck is a term we use when we don’t understand the game of mastery. Stop hanging the peg of your life on luck. Begin to master your art through daily consistent action in the right direction.

When you start getting better results, those who do not know better will definitely begin to attribute tour success to luck or chance. But you will know within yourself that this is no making of anything called luck. It’s all about mastery.

Yes, you have a different way of spelling your own luck. It is M.A.S.T.E.R.Y. 

Do you get the gist? The implication is that if there’s anything called luck, it is created through mastery.

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