Build it or Work till you Die!

One of your happiest days in life will happen the day you arrive at that point when you don’t have to worry about money again.
Bill Gate is said to be making more money sleeping than when he’s awake. He once said, “If I’d spend $1million dollars everyday, it will take 218yrs to spend all my money.”

Sounds exaggerated, right?

Rather than arguing the possibility you should focus on finding out the reason why he made such an audacious statement.

As you set out on the entrepreneurial path, one of your topmost goals must be to find a way to earn even while you sleep. If your business cannot run successfully without your physical presence, then you are still impoverished because what it implies is that you will work for income until you exit the earth.

What do you need to evade this danger zone?

You need a system or automated processes.

You need to build and setup a system or process that puts you in a position where you work not because you “have” to but because you “want” to. That to me, is the true definition of financial freedom.

Your financial freedom is therefore tied to system building. Someone has rightly defined system to mean;





E-energy, and


This is what the world’s wealthiest men/women have that most others don’t. It’s either you take time to build it or you work yourself to death.

You are as wealthy as the system you’ve built around your career/business.

The advent of the cyberspace has offered us the opportunity to create and build processes that could last for a life time.

One way to setup a system that works for you is by building assets online that can be earning for you while you sleep. Assets like ebooks, online courses, webinars etc.

The beauty of this is that aside the promise of financial freedom, it gives you ample opportunity to make a difference and reach a wider audience of people who benefit from your products and / or services.

If you’d asked me, I think this should be your top goal in the upcoming year. Focus on building assets online and setting up a system that will keep earning for you without your presence.

This is precisely one key area I am seriously looking at myself as the dawn of next year appears. Just thought I should let you know.

Building and profiting from such online assets demands in part growing your influence through community leadership. A subject I’d expound on in my free ebook THE PIPELINE STRATEGY. In case you are yet to feast on the great thoughts therein, I suggest you do so now. It will prepare your mind to do the needful in the upcoming year.

Get it here >>>

Don’t forget to thank me later (smiles).

Always strive to be the best you can be. I love you.


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