4 Deadly Syndromes

​Nothing provokes a deep sense of inner motivation and personal satisfaction like when we sense that we have enough control and balance over our lives.

All human quests can simply be summarized in three words; the quest for meaning, control and balance.

To the degree we are able to harness the meaning of our existence and gain personal control/balance over our circumstances, is to the degree all our quests in life is savored.

While I may not provide you with any tap-the-button technic that would end all your quests in the blink of an eye, I wish to provide you with insights which I hope would help.

There are 4 deadly practices that keeps most humans from reaching the point of gaining meaning, control and balance in their lives.

1. Excuses.

If you have formed the habit of playing the role of the victim in the game of life, you have, by yourself, dispossessed yourself of the inherent power to grow beyond your current realities.

Excuses they say, are tools used by failures to build bridges to nowhere and monuments of nothingness for themselves. 

When you have more excuses than is necessary, you subconsciously have given yourself unrealistic reasons to remain where you are and the way you are.

If you would start diverting that energy you throw into finding excuses each time for every unfortunate situation you encounter, into seeking for ways you could be personally responsible for your predicament, things would definitely start taking a whole new and better meaning for you.

2. Complaints.

Do you find yourself continuously complaining about how bad things are? 

Have you become a meaningless observer in the game of life?

When confronted with problems, do you complain more than you seek for ways to confront what’s confronting you?

Do you have the proclivity of complaining about everything that goes wrong around you?

These keep you caged indefinitely in the realm of purposelessness and lack of control. The more you complain about a problem the more you enlarge and empower that problem. 

3. Cynicism.

Are you always skeptical about people? 

Do you always feel negative about the events that happen in your life?

Do you consider every act of kindness you receive from others to be motivated by some heinous interests?

Are you constantly in doubt about your capabilities?

When your mind is clouded with negative emotions towards your life, your very self and others, you are treading deeper into the danger zone.

4. Blame.

If the natural thing you do once any bad event occurs in your life is to look out for who or what to heap the blame on, you are certainly far from gaining meaning out of your situation, not to speak of control and balance.

The habit of finding fault with any and everything around you except yourself is the venom that poisons and wrecks your destiny.

If you are constantly indulging in the aforementioned 4 practices, you are losing more control over your life and career than you could possibly imagine. I suppose it’s high time you matched hard on the break pedals and begin steering the wheel of your destiny in the right direction.

You are the victor. Stop playing the victim!


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