Will it be a Happy New Year?

As the curtain of the year 2016 is making haste to fall, the pressure of what 2017 holds in store for humanity continues to be on the hike.

While many are aware of the importance of goal setting, very few engage in the art. And even the few that do so end up setting the wrong goals.

It is not exactly my intention to reiterate on the many advantages of goal setting or the concept of setting SMART goals and the likes.

There are already more than a handful of resources that dealt exhaustively with that aspect. Certainly, goals provide us with something to aim at. As we well know, no-one can hit a target or score a goal s/he did not set. Goals provoke focus, direction, inspiration, confidence and balance.

My intent for this piece is to beam the light across some areas in the whole process that are often evasive.

There are 3 activities that are pivotal when it comes to goal setting. Your promptness to these 3 activities will get you the best possible results from goal setting in the upcoming year and even for the rest of your life.

1. Goal Selection.

Selecting goals is foundational and critical because if you don’t select the right goals, you will get but the wrong results. Many people wonder aloud as to why after going through the rigors of setting goals they still do not get the kind of result they’d expected.

The reason is with poor goal selection. The problem is not so much with the goal or the goal setter as it is with the kind of goal in question.

How do you select the right goals?

Consider your vision and values. Where do you want to be? What future do you see in your career, business, relationships and personal life? What things provoke a sense of worth and value in you? 

Select goals that bear towards your vision and values or else you will end up achieving stuffs in the upcoming year that still leaves you at a crossroad with where exactly your life is headed.

2. Goal Writing.

The life of goals is trapped in your ability to write them down explicitly. When you don’t spend time to write down clearly the goals you’ve selected, you are no better than a daydreamer.

There are many reasons goal writing is a critical part in the whole process of goal setting. However, the one that stands out for me is the fact that such activity triggers the subconscious mind to express incipient and/or conjured thoughts and ideas about the selected goals.

Emphatically, goal writing inspires both “clarity” and “strategy” for the preselected goals. By this very practice, you are positioned to comprehend in more clear terms both the “what” and the “how” of your goals. 

3. Goal Implementation 

With your goals selected rightly and written clearly, you need to develop implementational strategies, a system that forces you to constantly take the right action in line with your preselected goals.

One ingredient that guarantees the success of this activity is deadlines. You must have heard this definition that goals are decisions with deadlines.

Your number one implementational strategy therefore, is ensuring that every goal you’ve selected is time bound. This serves as a “forcing” system keeping you from doing little or nothing as regards your set goals.

Two other key implementational strategies include having a “review scheme” and an “accountability person”. 

A review scheme is a set period of time when you go back to look at your written down goals in retrospect to ask the following questions:

Where am I as regards my set goals?

What am not doing right?

What other steps or measures can I incorporate into the plan for reaching my goals?

An accountability person is someone (a mentor, coach or anyone with much greater experience and results) who can keep you accountable with your set goals.

While a review scheme informs you to constantly take into account the progress you are making with your goals, an accountability person forces or ensures you do so in time.

If your new goals will make any more difference than the old ones, ensure to integrate the aforementioned 3 activities as you set goals for 2017.

By the way, for the rest of the remaining part of the year 2016, I am making a commitment to release my knowledge and expertise to you. If you wish for us to brainstorm ideas for your 2017 goals, you can reach out to me virtually or physically, let’s do justice to that.

I still believe in you.

Always be the best you can be.

Photoshot: That time of the day when your younger cousin brother expresses great interest in your own work. He arrived from the UK where he’s studying and swore not to return until he grabs a copy of my book.


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