Building Social Media Profitability

There’s no more doubt that the social media has become one of the realities of the 21st century. In fact, it is an integral part of the cyberspace that unequivocally holds together all the other parts.
Hence, the influence and impact of the social media on the practice of any career is highly indispensable.

A bitter pill to swallow is the idea that as long as it concerns the times we are in now, your business/career has no future until you are able to build a strong online presence by utilizing social media platforms and the likes.

Between the early days of 2016 and now, I can boldly say that the social media holds over 80% of the progress I have made so far in the practice of my career.

Through this one channel I’d build great networks and have been able to lead over a thousand souls across the globe.

Note carefully that leadership via the social media is not measured by the number of likes and comments your updates garner within a space of time. Conversely, it is measured by the level of value you create and deliver to a target audience.

There’s a marked difference between influence and popularity. This marked difference between the two forms the basis for the following 4 ideologies I am going to share as regards building social media profitability for your business/career.

1. Clarity is Classical

The first thing to underscore is the fact that nothing compares with clarity in this game. It wraps together who you want to be and what you want to represent. It answers the question of how you want to be perceived by the pool of people and organizations entrapped within the cyberspace.

With clarity you know exactly how to manage your own embassies or social media platforms. Clarity enriches you with a sense of purpose and direction as you make effort to utilize your own space.

It practically singles you out from among the crowded space and gives you a unique voice that begs to be heard.

2. Content is King

Next is content. In the cyberspace, content rules.

There are a multiple ways you can create the content you want to share on your platforms. The common one is writing. Others include videos, podcasts, webinars, virtual trainings etc.

While it is advantageous to explore all these channels for creating your content, it is always advisable to select one method while using others occasionally.

To trigger the intended response from your targeted audience, you must focus on making your content of top quality. Let it be something they will not be able to resist. Have one major thing in mind as you create your content: VALUE.

Your ability to create and communicate value to a targeted audience on your platforms will do more than just attract attention to what you do or what you are about. It will prepare grounds for bigger exploits with the passage of time. 

3. Consistency is Key

More than the content you share, you must ensure to stick with your unique voice and style. Drifting from one end to another end on multiple occasions will definitely yield less and less profitability with time.

This means you have to build focus and remain committed to sharing contents that reflect your personal or business brand.

It also means taking your targeted audience on a journey, one that will establish you and/or your business as a brand in their mind.

4. Cashflow is Bottomline

Generating cash via your platforms is one of the things that will breed defining moments in your career/business.

It is one of the proofs that you are doing a good job of constantly creating and delivering value in your own space.

One question to ask in this regard that can give you a clue as regards cash flow is this one;

What percentage of your income whether daily, weekly or monthly, can be traced to your activities on social media?

Truth is, if you take good cognizance of the first 3 ideologies, you have taken care of a larger chunk of the necessities for generating cashflow via your platforms.


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