3 TellTale Signs You are in the Wrong Career Path

Various research show that two-third of workers under thirty feel that they are in the wrong career path.

This implies that most people are aware that they need a change or career transition. Nevertheless, they are afraid of taking the step.

It is nonetheless very important to snap out of such fear and come face to face with the reality. After all if your job is not right for you, it is better to know and act fast, than to waste years in unfulfilling roles which only leads to disengaged performance.

The following 3 telltale signs are unmistakable signs that you are trapped in the wrong career path, and that you desperately need a career transition plan.

Sign 1: Lack of Personal Motivation

When you find yourself waking up in the morning with a prolonged sigh, wishing the night could be extended a little bit, then it’s a pointer to the fact that you are trapped in your current position.

If you always have to force yourself to be in your workplace or carry out your job expectations, it’s a sign you need to make course corrections urgently.

: This feeling of lack of motivation is not only interpreted to mean that you are in the wrong field, it could also mean that there are some factors around your work or job that makes it rather dissatisfying.

It could be work conditions, the disposition of your boss or colleagues and more of such.

Whatever the case, lack of motivation is always a clear indication that you are not particularly into the thing you are passionate about whether in or outside your field.

Sign 2: Lack of Personal Fulfillment

Do you have everything life could offer – money, job security, friends, investments, and a good home – but yet you constantly feel something is missing?

Do you sometimes feel you lack everything even in the midst of abundance?

Do you often wake up feeling that your life could be better than it is right now – that you could be a lot happier doing something else apart from what you are currently doing?

If your answer to these questions is in the affirmative, then you might want to rethink your  career options.

Sign 3: Lack of Personal Creativity

Creativity is a relative term as well as a personal virtue that is trapped within every individual.

This virtue, like a seed, thrives under suitable conditions. Just as all seeds require specific soil and atmospheric conditions for the potentials within them to be fully harnessed, so is everyone’s creative capacity.

When trapped in the wrong career path or life work, you struggle with finding creative ideas and solutions to make meaningful progress in your job.

At this rate, you will find yourself trapped with a routine – doing the same thing everytime in the same exact way. A vicious cycle, so to say.
Creativity is a natural phenomenon that finds expression when you are in the field or job position where you ought to be.

So if you find yourself not being as creative as you really wanna be, again, you might want to shift your perspective a little bit.

There’s no reason why you can’t have the life of your dreams. 


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