5 Unmistakable Signs that You Desperately need a Change in your Life

LIFE CAN BE strangely complicated.
You think you know exactly what you want, you’ve mapped it all out — but then suddenly sh*t hits the fan. 

Your life probably isn’t bad, but you’ve settled and your happiness has fallen by the wayside. Now you are merely just trying to get by. 

Truth is, no one should be living their life just to get through the day. 

Life can be tough and very challenging, especially as an adult because you have more responsibilities and you actually have to make important decisions. 

But even though it’s tough, running away and avoiding your life won’t solve anything. 

The key thing is to read the signs correctly and know when you are ripe for the next move.

Here are few unmistakable signs that indicates you desperately need a change in your life. This change may have to do with changing your lifestyle, thought pattern, habits, attitude, environment and more.

1. Do you repeatedly feel numb?

When you have settled and the thought of changing anything feels exhausting. 

When you’ve stopped caring about yourself and the future the way you used to. 

When nothing excites you anymore and you don’t remember the last time you seriously laughed out loud?

These little indicators are telling you that you’re not exercising your senses so you can have a thrilling and exciting life.

While there are many reasons your energy could be low, the above scenarios could readily imply that you are beginning to live a meaningless life.

You desperately need a change!

2. Have you suddenly stopped working on yourself?

When you have lost complete interest in engaging yourself in those activities that makes you better. 

When you no longer give thought to personal development.

These are unmistakable signs.

You’re the most important thing in your life, and it’s imperative to remember to take care of yourself first because you probably won’t be able to have a fulfilling life if you’re not happy with yourself. 

If you are at this point right now in your life, you desperately need a change!

3. Are you ladened with deep feelings of depression?

While your life is not going to be filled with sunshine and butterflies every waking moment, it shouldn’t be making you feel depressed.

Depression is your body and brain’s way of saying, “Something needs to change fast.” It’s there to make you stop and reevaluate, and hopefully do something differently. 

This might include taking better care of yourself, saying ‘no’ to things or people that aren’t healthy for you, letting others help you, or doing something to change your life circumstances.

Whatever it is, depressive moods is one way of knowing it’s time for a change.

4. Are you merely surviving?

When you can’t seem to find joy anymore in your workplace.

When the thought of being on your job is no longer motivating or satisfying.

When you are constantly daydreaming about the life you wish you had.

Losing yourself in doing the same mundane things can kill your drive and creativity. 

So if you’ve been feeling restless and unenthusiastic lately, it might be your gut telling you that you need a change as soon as possible!

5. Do you keep thinking that there has to be more?

When you have virtually everything life could offer – a nice job, a wonderful family and great investments, but are still trudged by deep feelings of dissatisfaction, watch it, it’s probably about time something changed around you.

It might be time to change things around when you don’t feel like you are living your life’s purpose. 

You may be seeking for it or patiently waiting on signs for what it could be, but eventually, you may never live your fullest life if you’re constantly waiting for the answers to come to you. 

You need to pause for a while and review your life holistically and do the needful.


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