Shaping Your World

THERE’S THIS PRODUCT I wanted for a particular purpose but due to my commitments I’ve not really been able to enquire about it particularly as regards the cost. 
I had asked someone who told me it will not be anything below #20 grand. 

On hearing this I became bemused because I never estimated it would come that much. I perfunctorily started dismissing the thought to go for the product while switching to another alternative in my mind.

However, later, the same person who gave me the information called in to tell me that he just went to market and decided to price the product. Lo and behold, the price was far less than he had presumed. 

Without delay, I had to switch back to my original plan discarding completely the other alternative.

As I thought about this experience it gave me quite a lot to crunch up in my hungry mind.

Igbo people use to say (and they are correct), “adighi anodu n’ulo amara ihe ahia nyere”. That means, you don’t stick your butt at home and expect to know what’s up in the market.

It may sound too exaggerated but many of the decisions we make in life are based chiefly on assumptive measures. We assume a lot and that is why we don’t get our expectations met.

It is not wrong to make assumptions but it is quite expensive to base your decisions on them. And as we know decisions decide the future. As such, if you make choices utilizing a datum that has not been subjected to any practical or empirical research, you do so at the detriment of your own destiny.

Recently I watched a videoclip on Steve Job’s secrets of success and the very first tip on that clip is a validation to this observation.

Steve is of the opinion that most of the ideologies we hold to be true today about life is chiefly based on what others told us and what the society says. In his own opinion, this is the biggest barrier to exploring life.

You cannot make any positive change in life thriving on assumptions. To make such change you must stop viewing life as something that’s just there, something you can’t tweak to come to your taste.

For centuries gone by the whole world had to live their whole lives based on Lactantius’s assumption that the world is a flat surface. Everyone believed it to be so not until it was later challenged by Christopher Columbus. Now everyone believes the world to be round.

I am pretty much sure that if anyone rises up tomorrow to convincingly prove the world to be a rectangular surface, we will all desert Columbus’s the “world is round” ideology and aimlessly begin to build around this newest ideology of the “world is rectangular.”

As for me, the world can pretty much be of any shape you can think of. 

My point really is this: Lactantius’s world is flat. Columbus’s world is round. What about your own world?

What does your own world look like?

Do you have any idea? Or are you choosing to stay stumped with what they told you.

To find the answer, you have to go out there and make your own research. Find things out for yourself. It’s up to you to shape your own world. That’s the only way you get a chance to make your own little discovery which could change the world in very significant ways.

That’s how great inventions are born.


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