Time to Chase Your Passion

SOMETIME LAST YEAR, I had to stay in this unending long queue at one banking hall just to make a cash deposit. Reason being that there was just one cashier at the counter attending to the whole customers. 
The two others that were supposed to be doing the job had just being laid off and their positions were left vacant. 

The career landscape has shifted tremendously in the 21st century.

It’s not as though we do not know but it’s just that we somehow find it hard to digest the situation or accept it as one of the realities of our time.

Irrespective of this tethered approach, the impact of the reality of this shift in the career landscape continues to ravage virtually all major sectors that seem to be generating streams of income or revenue for the economy.

This is evident in the ongoing economic downturn, the massive number of unemployed graduates, the downsizing trend common in all business sectors leading to a forceful laying off of employed staff, and so on.

Unfortunately most of us, as stated early on, are still struggling to accept this as a fact.

We are still waiting until we become victims before we appreciate this reality and begin to make the necessary course corrections that would reposition us to adapt effectively. 

It is obvious that much awareness in the area of career decision and transition strategies is needed in our time. 

The time when people go to school hoping that by studying one “professional” course or the other, will land themselves automatic self or paid employment, has come and gone.

As harsh as this may sound, it is obviously the truth. I know it’s hard for most people to accept. It’s same here. But there is nothing anyone of us can do against the evidence.

I am always of the opinion that instead of resisting change, one should save and redirect that energy towards adapting to change.

One thing I personally believe this spontaneous shift in the career landscape is doing is calling forth the hidden and dormant potentials within us. It surely is a clarion call to shun mediocrity and start chasing our passions. 

The key perhaps, is taking that road less traveled – that path of least resistance – which we have always had the constant nudge to follow.

Yes, I am talking about chasing your passion. I am talking about exercising the courage to start creating a solid business structure around your deepest passions.

It’s high time we left the dead paths of trying to live a normal life. (That life isn’t even possible anymore) It’s time we ventured into the real business of living. I mean, living our true calling in life and making the most out of the opportunities that this difficult days present.

To be admitted is the fact that going through the rigors of following and building a formidable venture around your passion is not a day’s job nor a child’s play.

But then, reading the message on the photo will perhaps help you appreciate that its worth the pain.

I am not necessarily trying to propagate the idea of leaving paid employment. Not at all. I am only stating the facts the way they are as a way of creating awareness of an existing reality.

You obviously will need a shift in your way of thinking to adapt to this new reality.


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