Spark Up Your Creativity

HAVE YOU EVER imagined the possibilities of thinking in different ways? The possibilities of creating something new in your work and in your life.

Creativity is an inborn ability, and thankfully it can’t be lost, neither does it depreciate with time like naira or dollar.

Creativity only goes into hiding and a state of dormancy from lack of use. It can be tapped and revitalized upon demand. You don’t need to worry about whether you can be creative or not. You need only accept the idea that you still possess what was given you at birth – the inherent wisdom, intelligence, and creativity that constitute your particular brand of genius.

You are a creative genius. 

You have the capacity to forge new perspectives and rearrange the old in a novel and exciting way. Your creative storehouse is enriched with the wisdom of the ages, the understanding of the present, and the vision of the future.

It is not lack of creativity that you suffer; it is lack of the skills and tenacity necessary to constantly tap into your creative genius.

Creativity thrives with your thinking skills. And there are just about 7 bold ways I’d suggest you start thinking if you desperately want to start harnessing your creative juices beyond what you’d ever imagined.

1. Think Association

One of the phenomenal things about the mind is its ability to build connections between dissimilar ideas. Your mind cannot deliberately hold two separate ideas without eventually forming a connection between them.

Through association we can remember places, persons, and things.

The highly creative genius is forever associating ideas and concepts and seeking always to build connections.

Once you become aware of this as a reality you will automatically begin to see the connections between the multiple ideas in your mind, leading to greater creativity.

2. Think Substitution 

Most innovations in the world today are byproducts of substitutional thinking. For example, at one time, the transistor replaced the vacuum tube, and now the computer chip replaces them both.

When you think substitution, ask yourself how you might replace a different material or process with what is currently in use. What can you remove and what can you add that would probably produce an alternative effect, or perhaps the same effect but more easily and faster?

This is how Bill Gates of Microsoft and Steve Jobs of Apply Inc. took the field of computer technology to the next level.

The key is to never assume that anything is indispensable – feel free to substitute. Feel free to put Z in place of A. Take a look at everyday products and services. Perhaps there is a substitute that will work better or last longer, or cost less or be more durable, and so on.

3. Think Rearrangement

Do not be stumped with logical thinking pattern. Organized thinking has its great proceeds. But to pump up your creative flow would demand being a little more irrational in your thinking.

That is, shift things around. Turn products or ideas upside down, inside out, reverse the order – rearrange things. Put C before A and Q after Z.

Salespeople are known to use this creative technique to discover new applications for products and new ways of emphasizing customer benefits. You too can leverage on this method to initiate new use of a particular product or service in your organization or career.

4. Think Big

Think bold. Think no limits. Think big stuffs. 

Picture a skyscraper, jumbo jets, giant soft drinks, large economy-size products – what is it they all have in common? They are of greater benefit because they were made larger.

At the time when android phones and iPhones were introduced in the market, Steve Jobs started thinking of the possibilities of making something bigger, something in-between the smartphone and laptops.

Most people doubted the sellability of such an idea on the basis that it doesn’t stand a chance in the midst of the ongoing competition with smartphones.

However, Jobs went ahead and executed the idea. That is how the iPad was born. And today it has sold more and generated greater revenue than the former.

The implication is that by increasing size, or thinking big, you can add more value as well as greater possibilities in the use of a particular product or service.

5. Think Small

While there are dividends in thinking big, there also are great benefits in thinking small.

A quick way to illustrate the power of thinking small is by considering the transition from the macrocomputers to the PCs. 

IBM was the ruling company when it came to computers. A time came when a young man called Bill who worked in the organization came up to them with his idea of a personal computer which will be built using a smaller kind of software.

IBM rebuffed the young man’s idea by saying that it is not possible. The young man resigned from the company and that was how Microsoft was born – an idea which revolutionized the computer industry completely and holistically.

Think of ways by which making a particular product of service smaller, you can improve on its features and functionality.

6. Think Combination

Almost everything in nature including you, is a product of combination of different elements. Oxygen and hydrogen as separate elements have a use, but by combining the two elements, water, a new product which serves different unique purposes is produced.

Music and comedy are two separate kinds of entertainment. But someone decided to combine them together, and as a result the musical comedy was born.

Sometimes the power of combination is seen by uniting or integrating the mundane or common into a new product or service. Everything you see, hear, smell, taste or touch offers great opportunity to consider new combinations.

7. Think Adaptation

Adaptation is about thinking of adapting old things to new uses, or old methods to new applications. 

The phonograph record and motion camera originally developed for entertainment have been adapted today for learning and education.

The truth is that throughout the remainder of the decade and beyond, we will see the result of individuals thinking adaptation and coming up with concepts and ideas worth millions.

Will you be among this group?

The only limit to what you can achieve by adapting the old to the new, is the limit to your own creativity.

Since there’s no limit to your own creativity, the possibilities are therefore endless.

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