Wealth Creation Chest

WHEN YOU THINK of success in your career, what comes to mind? Fame? Riches? Awards of recognition? Popularity? What have you?

While all these are  great stuffs worthy to be desired, the definition of a successful career can never be more correct than the idea of serving humanity in the most significant ways with what you are most passionate about while creating lasting wealth in the process.

Wealth is different from riches. Riches refers to having an abundance of valuables (money and possessions) that could last you for a time. Whereas wealth refers to having an abundance of value (products and services) to last you for a whole lifetime.

It is amazing what happens when in the practice of your career you focus on becoming a wealth creator. With such capacity comes riches, fame, honor, respect, dignity and anything else you are yet to imagine.

In this sense, rather than try to gain riches, fame and so on, as a way to define success in your career, you alternatively and imperatively need to find yourself a wealth creation chest. 

What is a wealth creation chest?

Simply, it is a series of tools you engage with throughout the practice of your career that keeps your value rising in geometric progression.

A few tips before I introduce you into this terrain. These tips are the qualifications for utilising the tools contained in the wealth creation chest for your career success.

1. Your life’s work must be self-chosen

2. It must be connected to your passion

3. It must be beneficial to humanity

4. It must trigger your creative intelligence naturally

5. It must provide you with ample opportunity for unlimited personal and professional growth

6. It’s value must be measured beyond the time/money relationship

7. It must not jeopardize your relationship with your Creator and the closest people in your life.

With the above tips in mind and fully satisfied, you are qualified to utilise the following  9 tools found in the wealth creation chest.


This tool enhances your sense of vision and direction. It helps you to constantly keep things in perspective. It serves to guide your day-to-day decision-making. It also guides you in the selection of goals and priorities. It practically keeps you on track. In the practice of your career, this one tool will do more than help you answer many key questions. You must therefore work to understand at all times what exactly you are doing and why.


The ability to create wealth over and over again is trapped in the realm of your deepest passion. This tool helps you to build focus around your deepest passion. Being passionately engaged in what you love doing is a principal gateway for sustainable wealth creation. Nothing compares with this tool in your hand. The possibilities are endless. And the opportunities are boundless.


The sellability of the value you possess is highly dependent on how you utilise this very tool. Being capable of influencing, persuading and motivating others to buy and keep buying into your thoughts and ideas (products/services) holds a lot in hand with regards to the enormity of the wealth you can create in your career/field. No matter the level where you are in your career, this tool continues to be relevant. Otherwise, you won’t get to sell anymore, or as much as you should.


Ideas are as fickle as seeds until they are implemented. Wealth creation within the terrain of your career requires relentless executionary measures. If you are bold enough to dream it, then you must be bold enough to go for it. The result you eventually get is more or less a byproduct of how readily you execute the ideas that visit your inner consciousness each passing moment.


There is a strong correlation between learning and wealth. Every successful person you know in any field is nothing more than a person who has chosen to keep learning more and more by the day. They learn new skills. They acquire new and relevant knowledge which they can apply in their field to get bigger and better results. A lifelong learning culture is the top rule of creating wealth in any field of endeavor. As they say, “the more you learn, the more you earn.”


The path to creating wealth through the practice of your career is filled with all kinds of challenges, difficulties and setbacks. You must realize that just because you’ve decided to engage in something you love doing doesn’t mean the road will be cleared for you. On the contrary, you are bound to meet with roadblocks to cross and hurdles to jump. You will suffer untold moments of defeat, disapproval and discouragement that will make you want to give up. Your ability to persist will therefore mean more to you than anything else at such points.

Tool # 7 – SERVICE 

True wealth is measured by how much you able to serve humanity with the ideas, gifts and expertise you have. If wealth creation is about value, then service is an indispensable tool for this purpose. It is on the platform of service that value is delivered and dispensed. Truth is, we exist to do nothing more than serve humanity. It is by serving others that we get to explore the realm of unlimited wealth and success. So throughout the practice of your career, you must remain service-oriented. Have the mindset of a problem solver – constantly see yourself as the one who must offer humanity the answer that it desperately seeks.


This tool is primarily about resource management. The one key to life all wealth creators have come to underscore is the capacity to manage resources effectively. Resources here includes time, talent, people, possessions and money. A greater percentage of the failures most people suffer in life and in their careers can be traced to lack of management skills. To attain that height where you become a wealth creator, you must avoid wastage of any known resource available to you. You must keep this gold mantra in mind: “managing what I have is more important than what I can make.”   


A deep sense of the supernatural workings of faith and total dependence on your Creator is one more tool you can’t afford not to have in your wealth creation chest. The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness therefore. The world and all that dwell therein. He’s the one that gives you the power to create wealth. Living in harmony with spiritual laws is non negotiable for this very purpose. Wealth creators of all times are known to be people who nurture their thoughts and belief through daily prayer and positive affirmations.
Will you choose today to become a wealth creator in your field? The wealth creation chest is yours for the taking.

Cheers to your greatness!


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