Another Reason We Get Stuck: Putting the “How” ahead of the “Why”

THE COMMON EXCUSE we provide for not following a particular course of action, or for not pursuing a set goal / desire is “I don’t know how”.

This, of course, is well founded. For it is technically not possible to move from point A to B when you don’t know “how”. Nonetheless, there’s a primary reason this becomes our “experience” and on the long haul, our “excuse.”

Last we I wrote something about why we get stuck. I titled it The Foundation. Today I want to highlight something else which I believe is another, perhaps, one more reason we often get stuck.

I think “Jurrasic World” is a great science-fiction movie. Actually I’d watched it a couple of times. The movie combined advances in gene science with what happens in everyday life.

Beyond the horror of watching the dinosaurs and raptors rip people and things to shreds, I enjoy the feeling I get about how we tend to respond when facing a desperate situation.

This is clearly spelt out in the scene that had to do with Aunt Claire’s two little nephews as they tried to escape the clutch of one of the raptors. Out of desperation, the two boys put to use a highly sophisticated weapon they’ve never before seen in their lives to smoke the raptor to death.

They didn’t know “how” but it kind of emerged. How come?

Although one could say the “how” emerged by chance in their situation, the major lesson it holds is the fact that there’s always something more important than the “how” which is the “why/what.” And that if we are able to focus diligently on the “what/why” the “how” will emerge sooner than later. As a matter of fact, the “how” matters less without the “what/why”

But the problem is that we are always putting the “how” ahead of the “why”.

Just dropped my ears a couple of hours ago to a podcast containing an interview with the legendary author and speaker, Tony Robbins. He’s one man whose words can practically set your bones on fire.

He said, “the “Why” is not as important as the “How”. Always put the “why” ahead of the “how” and you will be all good.”

One problem with putting the “how” ahead of the “why” is that it breeds thoughts of limitations. 

While the “how” deals with mind issues, the “why” deals with heart issues. And the heart, not the mind, is where the motivation, the energy and the drive needed to navigate your course lies.

Putting the “how” ahead of the “why” is the reason we often fail to reach the “what” Such inclination is what handicaps us from stepping into the flow to reach out for the “what”. For that is when we begin to consider ideas such as; “I don’t have enough funds to get it done.” “I lack the necessary skills.” “I am not very competent.” “No-one likes me.” “I don’t have enough connections.” “What if I fail?” “What if no-one likes it?” And on and on it goes.

On the contrary, the “why” brings with it a sense of purpose that ignites every fibre of your being to find ways to get things done that needs to be done. It brings with it that “desperation” that enables you to stumble, so to say, into that realm of unknown where you perfunctorily unlock a code you never had or thought you could crack.

The point is, if we are able to figure out clearly “what” to do and “why” we need to do it, if we could establish that “why” firmly in our core, the “how” is left with no other option. The universe will somehow simply begin to conspire together to get us what we desire.

Always, and I mean, always, put the “why” ahead of the “how”. And like Tony said, “…you will be all good.”


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