Our environment is our entitlement
Nature’s gift to be guarded jealously
Let us seek for our world’s betterment
A better world for you and me.

Nature’s gift to be judiciously harnessed

Our solar,wind and hydro energy

Great and untapped wealth we possess

These vast potentials we begin to see.

Our world is our environment

Our duty is to take good care of it
With discipline,diligence and contentment
Let us take care and keep it fit.

Health is wealth we say
So is an environment free from pollution
A conducive environment is needed every day
We can achieve this through determination.

Let us keep clean our environment
For good health is a priority
Dirtiness is a detriment
Cleanliness is good for you and me.

Copyright 2017 by Benjamin Anabaraonye

This beautiful poem was specially written for our World Environment Day.Feel free to visit my inspirational blog:www.benjypoetry.blogspot.com for more inspirational articles.


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