Let love lead the way

With a promise steadfast and sure

It’s the dawn of a new day

Our glimpse into a brighter future.

Let love pave the way

For our youths,our future

Let love lead the way

In their formative structure.

Let not our youths be despised

Though presently in masks;

These are our eagles in disguise

Discovering their talents is our task.

Let the eagles find their wings

Accessing their greatness where it lies

To enrich others,their treasures they bring

Soaring with pleasure above the skies.

Let courage and confidence rise

As we invest in their lives

We must be willing to pay the price

To see them survive and thrive.

Copyright 2017 by Benjamin Anabaraonye

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Our environment is our entitlement
Nature’s gift to be guarded jealously
Let us seek for our world’s betterment
A better world for you and me.

Nature’s gift to be judiciously harnessed

Our solar,wind and hydro energy

Great and untapped wealth we possess

These vast potentials we begin to see.

Our world is our environment

Our duty is to take good care of it
With discipline,diligence and contentment
Let us take care and keep it fit.

Health is wealth we say
So is an environment free from pollution
A conducive environment is needed every day
We can achieve this through determination.

Let us keep clean our environment
For good health is a priority
Dirtiness is a detriment
Cleanliness is good for you and me.

Copyright 2017 by Benjamin Anabaraonye

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The gentle breeze blows
Whispering hope to ears
Be still and come to know
God cares for you dear.

Softly, sweetly whispering
In the cool of the day
Wondrous joy it springs
As despair gives way.

Feel, enjoy the sweet scent
As the gentle breeze whispers
A message of love is sent
From He who made the fragrant flowers.

When life seems bland and bleak
Feel the gentle breeze
God through His creation speaks:
Peace, sweet peace.

There is no speech nor language where their voice is not heard.Psalm 19 vs 3 (NKJV)


Love is sacrificial; Lust is selfish.
Love is kind; Lust doesn’t mind.

Love is holy; Lust is folly.

Love gives; Lust deceives.

Love edifies; Lust defiles.

Love brings gains; Lust brings pains.

Love always hopes; Lust can’t cope.

Love never fails; Lust grows stale.

Love believes the best; Lust fails the test.

Love embraces the WORD; Lust embraces the world.

And the world is  passing away ,and the lust of it; but he who does the will of God abides forever.1 John 2:17



Rainbow on the blue sky
Oh, how your colors sing
Lifting the Creator’s name high
Beautifully spreading your wings

Rainbow of beauty
Spreading colors of joy
Showing forth the Father’s glory
Causing our hearts to buoy

Red, orange, yellow
Golden hues of heaven
Green, blue, indigo
With violet-the splendid seven

Rainbow of bliss
How wondrous your smile
Symbol of goodwill and peace
As we travel life’s mile

Robed in splendor
Masterpiece of God
Crafted with ardor
A blessing to our world

Rays of hope
From the Father divine
When the rain begins to drop
Ushers in a sweet sunshine

Rain clouds come, tears may flow
But trust in the Father above
He sends us the rainbow
Showing His care and tender love.


Tic Tock  Tic  Tock

The tinkling of time round the clock

Beautiful music to the ears of the wise

Whispering each second is of great price.


Tirelessly ticking,never going back

Entreating the lazy and slack:

Wake up from your soppy sleep

Lest you end in poverty deep.

Ticking away is our time

Prayerfully plan it-the chime

For we just can’t afford

To waste such a gift from God.


Time-a treasure,Time is money

It may bring you honey

Or bitter gall;

Depends on how you roll the ball.


Time-a precious,priceless gem
Doled out to all in measure same

But some waste in it leisure

While others maximize the treasure.

Therefore think as the tic tock of time resounds

With the wisdom in God’s Word found:

For everything there’s a season

And for every season there’s a reason.




Be the best you can be

With faith as your key

Believe and you’ll receive

Be generous and also give.

Believe in your God-given dreams
You can attain though hard it seems

You are one and only

So live a life noble and holy.


Be beautiful from the inside out

As God’s praise, you sing and shout

Let all your faculties exclaim

Always bringing glory to His name.

Be the best you can be

With discipline and diligence

Reach for the best;be the best

Live life to the fullest!

Not slothful in business; fervent in spirit; serving the Lord.Romans 12:11(KJV)

©Benjamin Anabaraonye