My experience as a young student is basically the source of inspiration for what I am becoming today.

I played the victim card while attempting to make a choice of career. I was misinformed. 

In seeking admission into the higher institution, I wrote JAMB five times, and WAEC three times. 

It is not about the years I’d spend that’s the issue. It is the fact that I was on the wrong career path. The direct implication is that I was exhausting my time and energy in the wrong direction.

Years later when I graduated as the best student from the department of Biochemistry, it dawned on me that I needed to reconsider my career path. 

While I thought about this and started speaking to people, I realized that I wasn’t the only one in such a fix. It became apparent that many students and even graduates and workers were trapped in the wrong career fields.

This gave me deep concern. 

Prior to this I had sensed deeply about certain anomalies and trends in our system of education. I observed that some vital tools were missing. 
This, coupled with my present predicament challenged me into taking action in the direction of creating sustainable ideas to help redirect individuals and the system as well. 

I published my first book entitled FINDING YOUR CAREER PATH, in response to my discovery of the prevalent situation. I started running career seminars for high school students, undergraduates and graduates using the career assessment tools and courses I’d developed.

The whole experience has been phenomenal and I desperately look forward to an educational system that allows the basic potentials and unique qualities of individuals to be fully harnessed and properly channeled.

I hope that by sharing my ideologies and thoughts on this platform as regards these cases, a greater percentage of the goal will be achieved.

Welcome to my world! 

I believe in you.