You Need Boy Boy Job

I AM ONE of those who have a bad feeling about jobs. 

Apart from the feeling of losing the freedom for my time, I feel it’s foolhardy exhausting my strength on a job that doesn’t pay me what I’m worth.

I had a foretaste of what it feels like to be on a job, especially one that you have no interest in, and which pays you a meagre sum, during the compulsory 6 month industrial experience as an undergraduate.

After walking the streets of Enugu state for a month plus without getting a suitable place for attachment, I finally was received by a paint manufacturing industry.

My experience in that company is indescribable. I felt used. In fact I was used. I prayed for the six months to roll by as quickly as possible. I kept counting days. I dreaded waking up to see the dawn. I anticipated break hours. I wished for holidays. The situation almost cycloned my mind into a state of depression.

This partly contributed to why I didn’t feel like securing any company work after my service year. 

Statistics reveal that most people are not happy with their jobs. And that many workers in an organization wish they could break off and start their own stuff. 

The problem at times is, it’s not always easy to start. Starting means entering into the realm of unpredictability, not knowing where the next income would come from or making due with erratic paychecks  for a very long period of time, may be 5 years or more.

This week I started an internship with a company which would last for a period of time. I needed to gain some experience in the field.

Having being on the job for just 3 days, I can’t help but keep reading the faces of the employees. It is obvious a greater percentage do not have any forward projection. They are just in this job for as long as it lasts. If it goes down, they go down with it. Many seem to have future plans but had grown comfortable overtime with the paycheck and other income benefits.

While I’m not here to say you shouldn’t pick a job or you should resign from your current job, I wish to let you know that staying on a job indefinitely is a wrong move.

The employee-mentality is one of the worst enemy of human evolution. And let me quickly say that employee-mebtality is not necessarily about whether you are on a job or not. You can be on a job yet may not have an employee-mentality and vice versa.

The employee-mentality is a spirit.

When you are on a job without any exit plan, you are a serious candidate of this spirit.  When you are on a job and start getting comfortable with the paycheck, this spirit is at work. When you are laid off from a job of five years plus and you are busy seeking for nothing more than a new job, you are a slave to this spirit.

The average human was not born to be an employee. Unfortunately this is what we are taught in school. 

I remember the days gone by when if you hear that a classmate of yours dropped out of school to go do boy boy job, you privately start feeling pity for him while thinking of yourself who is still in school as the lucky chap.

This seems to be a correct judgment until after a while when you are faced with the reality of life.

As local as boy boy job may sound, it represents the best structure of a life work pattern. The idea of boy boy which in a more refined launguage refers to “apprenticeship” is, to me, the only true purpose of job-seeking.

Apprenticeship is designed to keep the apprentice under a master in a particular area of practical knowledge for a specified space of time within which the apprentice is expected to learn and integrate core skills that would qualify him / her to kick-start his / her own journey of independence.

You don’t find a job to stay in it. You find a job to learn some vital skills for self dependence. This is why you must define the job you are taking in terms of purpose and duration. 

What are you? An employee or an apprentice?

Are you on the job to earn and stay on? Or are you on the job to learn and move on? 

Whichever is your answer is what defines whether you are an employee or an apprentice. That’s what decides whether you have an employee-mentality or not. That’s what determines how you interpret a job loss. That’s what tells how far you can go in your career / life work.

You sure need a boy boy job!!!