The 3 Essentials for Reaching Your Essence

PART OF BEING human is that we are always inclined towards making progress with our lives one way or the other, 

Even if it means moving in the wrong direction. There’s always that growing need to constantly be, or feel the sense of being in motion.

You want to move forward in your career or business. 

Even if it’s a job, you want to move from a lower position to a higher one, or better still, move from being an employee to becoming an employer.

You just want to constantly feel a sense of motion in your life. You want to wake up every morning knowing deeply within you that you are not where you used to be, that you’ve moved somewhat from HERE to THERE. And that you are probably putting your best foot forward towards a better life.

Three things are essential not only to provide you with this sense of motion but also to ultimately lead you to an expected end.

1. Decide Your PATH

This is so important, and it’s one key that ensures a safe landing for you in the end. 

Where are you going? What do you want out of life? What are your biggest aspirations? What do you want to be when you grow up?

The answer to these questions come in steps:

~ Take your time. Think quietly about your life up to this point. Take days to think quietly. Take weeks, or even months as the case may be.

~ In such moments of quietness ask yourself; “What do I really want out of this gift called life?”

~ Keep asking this question for as long as it takes to get clear about it. Write your thoughts down.

~ Don’t talk to anyone else during these moments, at least until you are certain you know what you think you really want.

2. Develop Your PLAN

Your plan is the blueprint for navigating your path.

At that point when you’ve gotten some light about your true path, the next thing is to seek out a plan that will work BEST for you.

Notice the emphasis. The plan should not only be your own but must be the one that can work BEST for you. A plan may be good but the big question you should ask is; “Will this plan work best for me?”

This plan doesn’t necessarily have to be complex. In fact, it has to be simple for it to be useful. Plan here speaks of action steps, strategies, systems and formulas that are readily applicable for navigating your path.

At this point you are allowed to talk to people, although not just anyone or everyone. 

Talk to people that matter. Talk to people who are ahead of you in the game. Talk to people who are less likely to develop any form of bias about the path you’d chosen for yourself. Talk to professionals. Talk to people who by virtue of their wealth of knowledge and experience can provide expert knowledge to you that will guide you in developing a plan that will work best for you.

3. Stay on 1 and Stick with 2

Yes! Stay on the PATH and stick with the PLAN. A compound word for this statement I guess is, DISCIPLINE.

The real reason for most failures is lack of discipline to both stay on the path and stick with the plan. 

A lot of people start walking the path by following the plan, and soon they are bored. So they stop and then start seeking another path or a different plan. Unfortunately such action only leads to a repeated cycle of boredom.

You must give success time. 

Your path and plan doesn’t need to change because of one or two failures or difficulty here and there. You just need to improve on them through time as you gather more and more information and/or experience.

It may look like it’s taking longer than you’d expected. That’s when you have to exercise discipline. Just keep trusting the path and keep committing to the plan. You will rise up one day, look back and discover that you are nowhere near where you used to be. Instead you are somewhere very close to where you want to be.

So here’s the nugget of truth in a more refined state:

~ Know what you want

~ Have a (customized) plan

~ Stick to it (discipline)

The rest will just be history.