Reinventing Yourself

YOU ARE A bundle of diversity. Your uniqueness as an entity is not just in the capabilities you possess but in your ability to continuously weave these capabilities together into newer ideas and creativity.

Life is an evolution journey. A journey whose purpose is to lead you into those terrains that would facilitate the eventful manifestation of the latest version of your unique identity and personality. 

Where you are now, what you are now, and what you are doing now, all are nothing compared to where you can be and/or what you can be and do.

The latest version of your real self, like a full grown baby in the womb,  is always kicking to be born. It’s always seeking to express itself to the world. 

Unfortunately, a number of factors keep suppressing it. And this suppression factors are usually responsible for the depression we tend to suffer as individuals.

Depression is simply the manifestation of suppressed self expression. When your true self is restricted from finding full expression, the direct consequence is a depressed condition characterized by loss of happiness and low morale.

In my own journey I’d observed  few of these suppression factors that generate human  depression, and which ultimately slows or shuts down completely the process that leads to the emergence of the latest version of our truest identity and personality.

Routine: being drenched in the practice of doing the same exact thing, the same exact way, every day, for a protracted period of time. 

Comfort zones: overly satisfaction with one’s present role and responsibilities to a point where the desire to grow and try out new things is completely drowned.

Blending: following the status quo in an attempt to be like everyone else, in order to fit into the system. Any emotional attachment (blending in) with existing social norms is a straight cut to loss of one’s individualism, as well as the capacity for personal evolution.

Procrastination: deliberately putting off key opportunities for gaining a new experience and better perspective. 

Excuses: a behaviour characterized by constantly seeking ways to justify  personal actions and/or inactions.  Rarely wanting to take responsibility for a situation, thereby not exercising one’s ability towards seeking for better options or different alternatives.

Two phrases is what I wish to use to provide some insights into this subject: “Let go” and “Stay true”.

1. Let go.

Yes, you must let go of the old before the new can come. 

If you keep clinging to what you are, if you remain put where you are, then the room for improvement and reinvention stays locked. You can’t expect to have a new experience when you are still trapped in the same old self and system.

Reinventing yourself is not a sprint race. It’s not even a marathon. It’s a relay race. It’s a journey where at every junction you must exercise the will to hand over the baton – to let the new you pick up from where the old you left off.

This requires openness and strong faith in the ability of this new you to lead you forward to another better version of your true self. You may not know how. That may not even be necessary. As long as the conviction is there, let go of the old show and enter into the new flow. 

2. Stay true

I mean stay true to yourself. 

I can’t tell you how much this really means. But I can assure you that if you are doing a good job of staying true to yourself at all times, you will have less traumatic periods than you are probably having right now. Your evolution as a complex specie will transcend times and seasons.

The problem of humanity today is that we are not being true to ourselves. We know the truth about us but we keep denying it. 

We know how unhappy we are doing what we are doing but we deny it. We know that current job or career isn’t provoking the best in us but we stay put, acting as though all is well.

No! All is not well. Accept the truth and align with it. 

Let me give you one more advice: Never you spend one single day engaged in something you aren’t feeling good about. That’s danger zone. Keep off!

Your evolution happens faster and more in the right direction when you make it a point of duty to stay within the boundaries of your passions. Any action to the contrary is trespassing and is inimical to your personal evolution.